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How to set up VPN on VU+ or other Enigma2 boxes

How to set up VPN on VU+ or other Enigma2 boxes

If you don’t already have an account with PIA, signup at privateinternetaccess.com

  •  Download and extract the OpenVPN Configuration Files (Default) from the following link;


  • We will need the .crt file, the .pem file and any one of the ovpn files (e.g. UK London)
  • Rename the ovpn file to client.conf.
  • Open the client.conf in a text editor (we recommend to download and use notepad++) and modify the line “auth-user-pass” so it reads “auth-user-pass password.conf” (without the quotes)
  • Create a password.conf file (create a text file then rename to password.conf)
  • Go to Private Internet Access site and log into your control panel. Click to generate a PPTP/L2TP/SOCKS Username and Password using the button within the control panel and add the info to the password.conf file so the username and password are by themselves on separate lines, eg:


  • Using Filezilla, create a new folder in your zgemma/Enigma box in the “etc” folder and name it openvpn. Then place all 4 files (ca.crt, crl.pem, client.conf, password.conf) into etc/openvpn.
  •  Reboot your zgemma/enigma 2


Go to settings>network>services>openvpn and install it then start the OPENVPN service.
Choose to autorun if you want.

If openvpn won’t install on the box from the menu, you can install it via putty.

Connect to your receiver via Telnet using putty.  Login as root.  At password prompt, hit <enter>

Type opkg install openvpn


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