What is needed for start a own IPTV Server (Business)?

What is needed for start a own IPTV Server (Business)?

For start your own IPTV Server, you just need a:

– dedicated Server
– a IPTV Panel
– source streams [you need buy source streams (channels) or you need broadcast them for yourself (complicated and expensive)

Here you can find our Streaming Server, they are including the Panel already:


Which (how much) bandwidth your server needs depends on the number channel and clients:

You need know the average bandwidth of the Channels (normally SD Channels has around 1 Mbps and HD Channels has 2-3 Mbps).
Than you can calculate the needed server bandwidth, like:
Number of Channels x average Channels bandwidth [500 HD Channels x 3 Mbps = 1500 Mbps or 1,5 Gbps] >> Incoming [bandwidth] Streams
Nummer of your online Clients x average Channels bandwidth [300 x 3 Mbps = 900 Mbps or 0,9 Gbps] >> Outgoing [bandwidth] Streams

Total needed server bandwidth = Incoming [bandwidth] Streams + Outgoing [bandwidth] Streams | 1,5 Gbps + 0,9 Gbps = 2,4 Gbps.

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