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Recommended Network Settings

Reduce number of devices

Reduce the number of devices in use

Having multiple devices on your internet network can slow loading time. Are you or someone else using a games console, mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac on the same network? Disconnecting them should help speed up your streaming.

Stop large downloads

Stop any large downloads

If you’re playing online games, downloading or uploading large files while trying to watch a show, this streaming of heavy data could cause buffering.

Test Internet connection speed

Test your internet connection speed

At busy times, some internet service providers may deliberately slow down your connection. If you’re using Wi-Fi or broadband, you need a speed of at least 10Mbps. For 3G or 4G devices the minimum speed needed is 5Mps.

Check your speed using one of these websites:

For successful live streaming, you need a high-quality internet connection. A connection that is sufficient to check email or load web pages may not be good enough for streaming. You don’t need “a” internet connection, you need a high quality internet connection, particularly to do uninterrupted HD streaming.

If you are experiencing buffering or freezing while watching Sling TV on your device, you may be experiencing a decrease in the internet bandwidth available to your device. This decrease usually occurs when several internet-connected devices – such as phones, laptops, game systems, and tablets – use the same internet connection. Every device on your home network shares a portion of your available bandwidth, which means that less bandwidth is available for each device to perform online tasks. When trying to watch TV, this limited bandwidth can affect streaming quality.


-The server does not allow you to connect if you are using firewalls, proxies, or VPNs.

-Trial accounts are limited, and you can’t re-stream channels.
-Trial accounts will not be sent to disposable temporary email addresses.

-Trial account is usable for 24 hours and it will start as soon as you receive the email.

-The activation process can take up to 24 hours (but is often fulfilled within 1 hours). Upon activation of the trial, —
-you will receive instructions on how to get setup. Please do not message us if this time has not passed.

*Please note that the trial period lasts for 24 hours immediately following activation, not login, it is recommended that you order your trial on a day when you have time to use it.

All of our channels are included in the Free IPTV Test .

Keep checking your emails including your Spam.


Follow the instructions for help

What Internet speed do I need?

A stable 1.5mb line will deliver the non HD channels. The HD channels require a stable 3mb line, however 5mb is recommended. Some customers report our LD channels to work perfectly on internet speed as low as 0.5mb. Please note Speed isn’t everything. We recommend to test line before purchasing.

What do you mean by stable?

The download speed is not really the main issue that everyone thinks. To elaborate, its more to do with line stability. Line stability is measured by lots of different factors such as network response times, line jitter, local exchanges, routing paths to and from your device and router, from your router to your ISPs network infrastructure, and then through the internet to the destination your requesting the data to be served from. This data is then packaged up, literally bit by bit and sent back to your device where the request originated. As long as the request remains open from your end this transmission and flow of data will continue. If your request is interrupted along the way, it may result in buffering, freezing, blocky picture or disconnects.

How do i Check my Internet Speed & Quality ?

Please use the speed test server below to test your Internet connection. Do this a few times throughout the day. This will give you a good idea of the overall Internet speed that’s available to you. A stable 1.5mb line will deliver the non HD channels without problem. The HD channels require a stable 3mb line.

Check your speed here.
Check your quality here.

Should I move to another ISP (Internet Service Provider) ?

If your internet feels very slow, this is more than likely network congestion issues or over utilized circuits at the exchange by your ISP. ISP’s are not too good at owning up to the fact that this is usually the case or the fact they may be performing maintenance, repairs or upgrades to their infrastructure. As a home user you really have no rights to compensation from an ISP. There terms and conditions and in particular their SLA (Service Level Agreement) is not geared up in favor of the home user. Moving ISP normally doesn’t help either. You may get a friendlier person on the phone elsewhere but that’s it. Sorry, its the truth. All ISP’s use the same circuits that your data will pass through, other than their own servers. Chances are if your moving from one of the big ISP’s to a smaller or new ISP your service may be worse. Smaller companies than the major telephone companies have less server and switching capacity infrastructure resulting in less capacity to get the job done any better or quicker. Its common sense really. We don’t want to burst your bubble or get your hopes up that moving ISP is the answer. 4g when it works is great, however coverage is not widespread and speeds vary massively. We recommend sticking to one of the big ISP’s that’s available to you. Still not sure if IPTV will work with your current internet provider?

Channels List Agreement

Channels are for normal reference only ,not the final one
Important Notice ,channels lists keep adding and updating according to buyers feedback and server stability needs,
we will add some channels according to market needs ,and delete some channels if its not stable

Notice:Channel list will be updated frequently, each one can not be noticed.

Why I can not Access My iptv account ?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to check whether …

  • – check if you are already followed the instruction as well to setup your account (login details) correct.
  • -check your network connection, reboot your router and device, and then try again.
  • -check if you use more than 1 device connected with the Internet at same time.
  • -Your Internet needs to be minimum 7-25MBPS Download and 1-3 MBPS upload speeds,
  • If your home is filled with the latest bandwidth-draining devices, then you need a router that can keep up with your demands
  • – Reboot your devices and wait for 30 secs before turning them back on (STBs, Android Boxes, Routers, Cable modems)
  • – Make sure you are connecting using a Ethernet cable to devices and not via Wifi.
  • – Try using a VPN service if all the above are not working.
  • -if your network connection is no problem, please check whether your account is used on other devices.
  • -please visit www.whatismyip.com by using computer, and find your IP4 IP Address, next send your 1 IP4 IP Address to us for restoration.
  • -Has the device, that has our software installed, got the latest updates and firmware.
  • -Check the download speed on the actual device that is streaming our service, you may have 50mbs on your computer, but the device could be considerably slower, indicating a problem on your internal network. And NEVER check the speed with Speedtest, it is very inaccurate, only use testmy.net
  • -Are there any processor demanding applications running in the back ground that can be stopped, this is very important on low end devices.
  • -Is your ISP having problems in your area, an excellent site to check this is downdetector.co.uk
  • And one of the best things to try is simply rebooting the device, or uninstalling and reinstalling our software, your code will not be lost..
  • If you are experiencing an issue that is not described above, please visit our Support Center. Follow us on Twitter And facebook  for immediate updates.