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Installation IPTV Of Plugin To Box Zgemma & Enigma2

Installation IPTV Of Plugin To Box Zgemma & Enigma2

For Zgemma / Enigma2 devices, we have developed our own “BUY IPTV bouquet maker” Plugin.
Once the plugin is installed on your device, it will automatically update daily and look after your Bouquets and EPG.
There are 2 ways to install the plugin. We prefer the Putty / mobile Telnet method but it can also be done with USB stick.
See below for both installation methods;

USB Stick Method:

Download “BUY IPTV Bouquet Maker” and “EPG Importer” ipk files from the following links;


Information about which you version you need to install on boxes

  • Mips32el is used for the most boxes. Example VU zero, Vu Duo, Zgemma and mostly above openpli 4 boxes or new images.
  • Mipsel is used for old boxes dm800 clones with old openpli 2.1
  • sh4 is used for boxes like spark
  • armv7a is used by new boxes like vu 4k and gigablue sf4008

So most used and strongly suggested is using the mips32el.


Copy the ipk files to a USB stick (Fat32 formatted) (or if you know how to use Filezilla, copy the ipk files to the tmp folder of your receiver)
Insert USB stick into your receiver (front or back USB port)
a message will appear ‘the following files were found’
– If it doesn’t then you will need to find the option on your box for “IPK installer” or “install local extension”

Select the file you want to install, then press the green button on your remote, to install
Press 1: install extensions
Select both files and press green to install
Go back to menu and restart gui.
BUY IPTV  Bouquet Maker plugin will now be available on plugins menu.



‘Putty’ Method:

You can install the files directly from the internet via ‘PUTTY’ on a Laptop/PC or ‘mobile telnet’ on android.

If you have never used Putty, see here for guide:  https://www.buy-iptv.com/download/putty.pdf.zip
Or here for Mobile Telnet guide:  https://www.buy-iptv.com/download/mobile_telnet.pdf.zip

Connect to your receiver via “Telnet” using putty/mobile telnet. Login as “root”.

Type opkg install


(or right click to paste!) and hit <enter>this will install the first file

Done! restart the device and BUY IPTV Bouquet Maker will be listed under plugins.


(FYI, you can also install EPG Importer directly from the plugins menu on your box – under ‘download plugins’, extensions)


Setting up the Plugin after installation;.

Open the “BUY IPTV Bouquet Maker” plugin, then enter your username and password into the entry boxes.
Apply the following settings;
Provider: BUY IPTV
Username: xxxx
Password: xxxx (this information will have been provided to you in your Activation Mail)
Port: 25461
Stream Type: DVB
Download Picons: NO
Auto Import : ENABLE
Enable BUY IPTV quick Import: YES
Import bouquets at boot: ALWAYS


Press green to save your settings.
Re-open the plugin.
Press yellow to run.
Once the process has completed, press blue to open EPGImport.
Press blue again to open the ‘sources’ menu.
Select BUY IPTV (only BUY IPTV must be selected) from the list and press green to save.
Press yellow to manually import your EPG (this import can take up to 2 minutes, but it usually much quicker).
Set “Automatic Import EPG” to ENABLE
Set “Start Import after booting up” to ALWAYS
Set “Load EPG only services in bouquets” to NO
Press green to save.



Your new IPTV bouquets should now be on your receiver. NOTE: Your IPTV bouquets are listed after your Satellite Bouquets.


When u have it installed the plugin should appear in the menu called BUY IPTV OR XtreamTV, open this and there will be an MAC written, pls send us mac address to start your services.

If u want to remove the plugin from the box, u can write

opkg remove XtreamTV OR opkg remove BUY IPTV
it’s also possible to install again after this command.


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