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How to install IPTV Live Streaming on iPhone

How to install IPTV Live Streaming on iPhone

Setting Up IPTV Live Streaming on iPhone:

This method has been tested on all iPhone devices including iPhone 4 and above. Read the steps given below with patience and then follow each step exactly as mentioned.

  1. Your iPhone should be connected to internet connection on which IPTV streaming is available. (You can discuss this in comments if not clear)
  2. You should have a playlist provided by your vendor (most commonly m3u or m3u8 formats, again I can help you in this regard)
  3. Install a multimedia app that supports m3u playlist (or the playlist you are using). We recommend using an app named “VLC For iPhone” as it supports maximum formats and has built-in support for handling unicast and multicast streams.
  4. Load the stream in to your app and enjoy Stream.

If you are facing any sort of inconvenience or problems, you can contact your service provider or I am also here to help you out.

Note: As iPhone has the capability to receive both unicast and multicast streams so you needn’t worry about the type of stream. As long as it is reaching to your router, you can access it.

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