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How to Install EPG TV Guide Kodi Add-on (Jarvis, Krypton, Leia)

How to Install EPG TV Guide Kodi Add-on (Jarvis, Krypton, Leia)

Kodi users can have EPG installed for the IPTV channels they are using. Following guide shows you how to install iVue EPG TV Guide on your Kodi.

1-Open Kodi, select System then go to File Manager
2-Select Add Source then hit None
3-Now type this link into the feild, http://ivuetvguide.com/install and click Done
4-Check the box beneath Enter a name …. , type ivue and select OK
5-Now head back to Home Screen
6-Choose SystemAdd-OnsInstall from a zip file and select ivue
7-Choose repo-ivueguide-xxx.zip
8-Waif for the notification of Add-On enabled
9-Choose Install from repository or on Helix Get Add-ons
10-Choose iVue2 TV Guide Repo
11-Choose Video Add-ons
12-Select iVue Wizard and then click on Install
13-Wait until Add-On enabled notification pops up
14-Click IVUEcreator then click Install
15-Once again, wait for Add-On enabled notification
16-Again go back to Home Screen
17-Select ProgramsiVue WizardiVue Tools and choose Install iVue TV Guide
18-Wizard should now install it and a notification will tell you once it`s done.

19-After that, Reboot Kodi.

TV Guide should now be applied and in action.
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