how to setup iptv on Android

Android App Set-up Guide

Open perfect player
Select the cog icon
Select general
Select playlist
Enter the m3u url that we will have sent to you in an email
The url will look something like the below
Enter buy Iptv for your m3u playlist name
Select ok

Select the triangle across from download if no data on current date
Change from download if no data on current date to download once a day
Select ok
Press back once on your remote or device select playback
Select decoder if it is not already set to auto
Change it to auto
Press back twice on your remote or device
If all urls are entered correctly and there are no typos then the playlist and epg should download
When the download has finished you should have a channel list on the left hand side of the screen
Channel logos will gradually populate
(If you have no channel list then there is a typo in the playlist url)

Perfect player is now set up and ready to use