How to install and use Kodi on Windows

How to install and use Kodi on Windows

For all the features it comes packed with, Kodi is surprisingly easy to set up on Windows. There are two ways to download Kodi, although the easier method is going straight through the Microsoft Store.

Download Kodi from the Microsoft Store

To start, head to the Microsoft Store and search for the Kodi app. Once you’ve opened the main page, click the ‘Get the app’ link at the bottom to download Kodi. (Don’t worry: it’s available for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.)

From there, double-click to download the installer. As soon as the installer has finished downloading, the Setup Wizard should automatically pop up. Follow the steps to install Kodi for Windows.

Download Kodi from the official site

If the Microsoft Store isn’t available in your area, you can download Kodi directly from the official site.

From the main website, click the download icon in the top right-hand corner and scroll down to the ‘Choose your weapon’ section. From there, click on the Windows icon.

You’ll be given the option to download from the Microsoft Store (see above) or download the 32-bit installer. If you choose to download the installer, a popup will automatically launch as soon as you’ve finished downloading the app.

Once setup is complete, you’re able to launch the latest version of Kodi for Windows.

Note: While both download options are the same, Kodi will automatically update if you go through the Microsoft Store. If you go through the Kodi website and use the installer to download, you’ll need to perform various updates manually.

How to set up Kodi for Windows

Setting up Kodi is fairly simple, as the service itself has a host of different features that developers are constantly updating.

By default, your Kodi screen will be entirely blank, and while it may seem daunting at first, the interface is extremely straightforward. Because it’s open source, virtually everything here is customizable. From predefined themes to customized backgrounds, you can alter every aspect as you see fit.

Fortunately, popular add-ons like YouTube and Twitch are readily available on the official Kodi repository, as well as hundreds of other apps. In fact, you can instantly go in and start pulling in music, photos, and your other streaming services straight into Kodi.

Once you’ve become familiar with the interface, you can start customizing Kodi by launching the app and heading to the Add-ons section. There are hundreds of apps readily available, and while it may take some time to look up and find each one, the process is more or less the same for each app.

To download popular streaming apps like BBC iPlayer, start by opening the Add-ons tab and clicking on the package icon in the top left-hand corner.


Next, scroll down and click ‘Install from repository’ and then open the Video add-ons section.

From there, you’ll see dozens of free apps. Scroll down and click on iPlayer WWW and click Install.

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