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There isn’t really anything bad to be said about the channel lineup at buy iptv . Pretty much any program you would ever want to watch is available. Apart from the usual English language channels, review provides streams from over 50 countries! Covering so much territory comes with one downside. It can become a bit difficult to navigate the over 6500 channels and >100 channel groups available. I would definitely recommend you either start using your player’s favorite feature or pick the package that covers your needs only. review is, as far as  know, also one of the biggest suppliers of adult content, with over 100 adult channels and 24/7 streams.

How to pay using Interkassa Payments

An important task of an online store or commercial site is to provide customers with the opportunity to promptly pay for goods or services in a way that is convenient for them. To solve this issue simply and effectively will help the international payment system.
Interkassa is one of the leaders among payment acceptance aggregators. The system started in 2009 and today has more than 50,000 active accounts, cooperates with thousands of companies in the CIS and European countries, and, in addition, is the official partner of major e-commerce providers and represents the leading European payment systems. Covering the popular electronic payment systems of Ukraine, Interkassa allows online businesses in Kiev and other localities to receive various forms of payment as soon as possible.

Pay with interkassa

  1. Go to your product,Choose your Plan that fits you

2. Add the product your cart and Process to checkout.

3.fill the requirement for the building form.

4. select Interkassa as your payment system and click place the order.

5. after click go to pay you will be redirected to the payment system to choose your credit cards types VISA or Master cards.


6. fill your credit cards details and click to pay

note if your credit card is not able to perform 3D SECURE transactions online. Please contact your credit card issuer or bank and ask them to activate this feature to make purchases online.

NOTE: After you enter your credit card details in our online store, a new window will appear, requesting your personal security code. Your financial institution will authenticate the transaction within seconds, as well as confirm that you are the individual making the purchase.

If you haven’t yet registered with Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode, you’ll need to activate this feature first find help >