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-Anti-Restreaming will automatic BAN YOUR IP Address if you log in more equipment with one account,Or share the TV program and Using VPN/Proxy .
-We highly recommend using an ethernet cable with MAG boxes & Android boxes opposed to a Wi-Fi connection
-Trial account is available for 24h it start as soon as you receive the email.
-Server does not allow you to connect if you are using firewall, proxy or VPN.
-Trial It takes 5min to 24HRS to receive the trial account.
if you not Received your trial within 24h ,you might to check your SPAM or junk folder for this email.

  • Make sure to put the right email, do not send wrong information or
    disposable emails, because our abuse system will detect you as spammer
    and you will not receive trial. if you ask another trial you will be automatically banned. !




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Frequently asked Questions.

What Internet speed do I need?

A stable 1.5mb line will deliver the non HD channels. The HD channels require a stable 3mb line, however 5mb is recommended. Some customers report our LD channels to work perfectly on internet speed as low as 0.5mb. Please note Speed isn’t everything. Via our support page there is info on testing line quality as well as speed. We recommend this before purchasing.

What do you mean by “stable“?
How do I check my Internet speed & quality?
Should I move to another ISP (Internet Service Provider)?
Why Choice BuyIPTV ?

Our IPTV private service provides stable and quality IPTV with excellent support and customer service.

At BUYIPTV, it is our mission to be the best provider of TV packages, and we continually reinvest in our infrastructure. We never over capacity our servers, and thus ensuring the best viewing experience for our clients.

At BUYIPTV we look forward to welcoming and serving you as a long term customer, not just signing you up and forgetting about you.

We believe this approach is the reason we are recommend by so many of our customers.

How to order iptv subscriptions?
What payment methods can I use?
Is my payment safe?