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IPTV Reseller Program How it is works ?

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Do you know that more than 50 millions people in the world are using now IPTV service? Start your own iptv business now.


What you don’t need ?

** You don’t need to LEAVE your current job

** You don’t need to be a SELLER

** You don’t need to be a Technician

You ONLY NEED your OWN IPTV PANEL to start, where you can generate m3u playlist or add your client magbox mac address.
Our mag portal  . You can also generate enigma SCRIPT for any iptv box which uses enigma like dreambox, vu+ etc. from your iptv reseller server.

When you become  iptv reseller:

When you become our iptv reseller, you will buy credits to load your iptv reseller server.
You can create up to 50  trial (12 hours) accounts per day free of charge. ON your iptv reseller panel, you will have  4 different packages that you can choose when creating an account for your client.

Packages are :

1€ = 1 credit:

1 MONTH : 8€ (8 credits)
3 MONTHS: 20€ (20 credits)
6 MONTHS: 35€ (35 credits)
12 MONTHS: 50€ (50 credits)

Each time, you select a package, the related credits will be deducted from your initial credits. When your prepaid credits finished,
you can choose prepaid package below and buy credits again from 150€ here.

You sign up to our iptv reseller program and prepaid your iptv reseller panel with 200€.
200€ = 200 CREDITS, it means you will get 200 credits on your panel.

1 MONTH = 8 CREDITS on your panel
with 200 credits, you can sell 200 / 8 = 25 ACCOUNTS of 1 MONTH.

If you resell 1 MONTH AT 25€ you will make :

25 (accts) *25 =625 € ————  with 425€ PURE PROFIT.



To Order IPTV Subscriptions, it simple please add Product /subscription that fits you to cart then click view cart and Fill The Billing then Click Processed to Checkout and Pay
, As our team verify your order, will send you subscription  as soon as possible.
1.click on menu (order now)
2.choice product or subscription that fits you ,click add to cart 
3. after click on add product will be see view cart click on button.
4.after click on view cart will see your order details check it if it correct and this is what you need and click Proceed to checkout.
5.fill BILLING DETAILS and login to your account ,if you not customer can click on create account ,
then click on make payment.
6. after click make payment will be forwarding to payment processing click on button visa/mastercard