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BestTV – Android IPTV box with live channels

BestTV – Android IPTV box with live channels

Best TV IPTV is an Android-based IPTV STB and also an OTT TV Box. This affordable high-definition television IPTV Box combines the advantages of Android-supported OTT services and on the chipset supported video coding which enables high quality video and very attractive services on the TV screen.

BestTV ensures top quality video services while the video is coded directly on the STB’s chipset. Video signals – which are of essential importance for watching live TV channels, on-demand movies or using any other video based services – are brought to the television in the exact same quality over the IT network as grabbed from the video signal source.

Based on OTT technology, the most popular web-generated content can be brought to the TV screens, standalone or combined with live TV programmes or video on demand content. The best known OTT services are various web video rental services and the popular

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